#WinterABC Day 24: Of Black, White and Rainbows

My views on Racism and Gay Rights.

RACISM. A word that reminds me of my monochrome outfits: black and white. A word that only existed in books and on screens until my first trip outside the African continent. Not that I experienced it much, but I knew and felt different in a predominantly white town to the extent that I would take walks into town while my aunt was at work and avoid taking the bus in the frsoty winter.

Fast forward eight years later, I find myself in the most racial and ethnic diverse country, America. I have constantly read about people saying they never knew how black they were or that their skin color mattered until they travelled into a country where they were often the minority but experiencing it doesn’t make the statement as cliche as I thought it sounded.

I thought White was a color until I got to understand that people of color is used in reference to black people. Someone tell me what White is. I have read and seen stories of people, being mistreated and killed or being disadvantaged based on the color of their skin. I am surprised that in 2019, we’re still on the topic of color.  The odds are often against black people as it is pertinent that they work twice as hard to prove their worth in school and in the workplace where they also face microagressions, which we’ll delve in  on a later post. 

I’m afraid that we still have a very long way to go in addressing the issue of racism but I am hopeful that in a century or earlier, our descendants will not have to deal with this.

On LGBTQ, my stance on this is as simple as not caring what two people decide to do with their private lives. Everyone has rights even if it appears to go against societal norms. 

There is so much love to go around the world to spend time hating; whether you belong to the black, white or rainbow community.


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