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#WinterABC Day 21: Be Your Own Boss?

Today’s challenge requires that we discuss Unpopular Opinions. Fortunately or unfortunately, I have just one.

Entrepreneurship in Ghana has never looked this appealing. Almost everyone runs a business or has a side hustle. This in itself is a good thing as it encourages people to find alternate streams of income however the “Be Your Own Boss” thing needs to stop. PERIOD!!

Many ‘motivational’ speakers encourage everyone to be their own bosses, work from the comfort of their homes or to work hours that are convenient to them. Don’t get me wrong, there are perks of running your own business and deciding when to show up for work, what to wear and ofcourse how many days of vacation you can have. The catchphrase is usually, the opportunity to not work for anyone.

Can we be real here? Unless you’re running a business that requires just one person you to do everything, when you become your own boss, who do you expect to work for you? The same people being encouraged to be their own bosses? 

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being an employee if you love what you do and it brings you immense joy in addition to the financial perks. Running your own business is an entirely different ballgame. The staff you employ have to be on a regular salary whether business is booming or otherwise. They do not care; what is important is that you pay their bills P-R-O-M-P-T-L-Y. You’re responsible for them and their dependents. You C-A-N-N-O-T skip salaries.

You have to be disciplined and self-motivated to show up at work on time and spend hours on end strategizing and planning on how to flourish this hustle.

I believe there is nothing wrong with working for anyone, so stop feeding on the lies that you can only make it when run your own business. You can also make it when you help someone build theirs. 

Mic drop!


3 thoughts

  • My sentiments exactly about this craze of “start your own business, be your own boss, set the rules” bla bla bla. I like working for people, it’s humbling and teaches and reminds me to check myself and be careful how I manage, talk and engage with people. Sure I can learn and practice such traits as my own boss but here is something about working for someone that adds a certain trait to your caliber. And we all dont have to have a business to be successful, acknowledged or be ahead. Whatever those words mean and whatever those words define us as is another societal pressure on it’s own. Definitely a mic drop post.

  • I also think so, the Registrar-General Department will have to deal with thousands of applications to register sole proprietorship enterprises with a lot of them probably doing similar ventures. Pooling of resources (diverse human capital, financial capital etc) to build a bigger investment company should be the better option.

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