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Why I Write

Day 2 – What’s the main goal of your site?

Anyone who knows me very well knows I am a woman of few words. I would avoid crowds or events that put me in the awkward situation where I have to speak, especially to people I do not know. I find meeting and having to strike up conversations with people very intimidating. I would rather be in my bed with a book, my laptop and a bag of Haribo (too much sugar, I know).

On the other hand, I express myself better in writing. Chances are, if you’ve received a text message from me, a lot of thought went into it. My friends and boyfriends have suffered most from my text messages and emails. lol. 

So what’s the goal of my blog? I started off writing poems in senior secondary school (now SHS) and by the time I was in the university, Facebook Notes became the outlet for my thoughts and opinions on happenings around me. I write less on Facebook now, even though it remains my source of  current news around the world.

My blog has become the place where I talk about any and every thing that I believe is worth sharing. I talk about my life experiences, what’s happening around me and sometimes just vent. Why do I this? This is first and foremost my only outlet and I don’t mind sharing it with you with the hope that we can learn from each other. I also write because some people have encouraged me to keep writing because they enjoy what I write.


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