Tip Toe if You Must; The Journey is Yours to Make

“Tip toe if you must” – This has been on my WhatsApp ‘About’ profile for the longest time ever, until I saw it on another friend’s status and finally triggered this post.

The other day, it was a few minutes past 9:00pm and I was craving a salad badly but was feeling lazy to go out. I instantly reached for my phone which must have been tired of me man handling it the umpteenth time in two minutes, clicked on Uber Eats and voila, so many choices to pick from. I instantly placed my order with special requests of no olives or cheese. Click…food ordered!

It is the same with wanting internet. The instant the already crappy thing called internet service, my rental office provides me shows a sign of no response, I get frustrated becomes it reminds me of ECG or PDS at the sight of dark clouds or the smell of petrichor. When I need to find something online, I need it quick and now and cannot stand the internet being slow for a single microsecond.

We live in a world where everything has to be done in the speed of lightning. Fastest route on our maps, fastest speed when it comes to internet services, fast foods, name it. We are encouraged to be the first in school. be the first to know and what not, but it appears we quickly forget the story about the hare and tortoise.

Many businesses or new -aspiring- entrepreneurs are encouraged to run quickly with an idea lest someone else ‘steals’ it, which may in itself not be bad, but to what end? We have become a generation of quick fixes and will not take time to think through our actions or our words. In a hurry to launch that idea, beat the other person, to get into a relationship after another, get married, get over a hurt, be rich or prove a point. We are always in a H-U-R-R-Y.

Nonetheless, it is perfectly okay to tiptoe instead of running and running ahead of yourself. The journey is yours alone, everyone else is either a stepping stone or stumbling block to your destination. So here’s to the one whole feels the world is leaving them behind; to the one that feels stuck, to the one that believes running is the only way forward; remember to tiptoe if you must.

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