My favorite local food(s)

WinterABC Day 3 – Of your favorite local food. This must be a trick prompt. Why I am being asked to talk about my favorite local food? I’m a foodie….

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Why I Write

Day 2 – What’s the main goal of your site? Anyone who knows me very well knows I am a woman of few words. I would avoid crowds or events…


Winter ABC 2020 Commitment Pledge

In June last year, I chance upon a post on Kwakyewaa’s ¬†Instagram post about the ABCWinter Blogging Challenge. Having been quiet for a long time,¬† the challenge presented the perfect…


To lock down or not to lock down?

Today, I’m sharing an insightful post from a friend concerning Ghana’s ability to lock down and suggestions for an ‘appropriate’ lockdown in the wake of COVID-19. ¬† It’s a tough…