#WinterABC Day 8: Technology: a curse or a blessing?

Ei what question is this?


  • Reading this blog on beach sand because……no printing press, no telephone, no computer.
  • Walking through a library full of books with index cards, trying to find an author or a single book to write the first paragraph of your research paper.
  • A farmer using a hoe, cutlass, water can or gallon to tend his farm to feed an entire nation (I admit that this still happens in my hometown, Agotime and in many other places in the world).
  • Parents who want a child of their own so bad without the option of IVF (not that adoption is a bad idea).
  • Walking from Kasoa to Tema or travelling from Accra to Nairobi without airplanes or ships.
  • Being so sick, and having no way to detect what is wrong because there are no machines or labs to run tests.

Also, picture this:

  • Meeting with friends over lunch, each one of you on their phones, barely talking to each other
  • Automated check outs in supermarkets in most developed countries while someone desperately seeks a job (granted, we need to evolve with the times)
  • Taking a video of someone in need, mob-injustice, a violent partner or an accident scene instead of lending a hand.

These are a few examples of both sides of the coin. I think technology has improved our way of life and things are much easier than they were in the past. I can only imagine what the future holds. However, human interaction and sensitivity has suffered as a result of how we use mobile technology. Hopefully, we all will become more intentional about its use.

On the whole, I consider technology more of a blessing than a curse.






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