#WinterABC Day 7: Five Apps on My Phone I Can’t live Without

1. Quora
Introduced to me by Nene, my friend and former colleague, I haven’t gone a day without reading a post on Quora. It is like a Google of some sort but with people sharing their experiences or knowledge in a specific topic or subject. Whatever info you need, you just might find it on Quora. I always read the most interesting things on Quora. If you find me on my phone when eating, I’m definitely catching up on my daily digest.

2. WhatsApp Business
I run two businesses, an events planning and Kente weaving business. The fastest way for people to reach me is via WhatsApp. What I like about WhatsApp Business is the ability to set autoreplies, label messages and also write a brief description of your business in the settings. Aside it being for business, I can easily communicate with almost anyone. Being away from home,  it is the most cost-efficient way to communicate with everyone; especially family.

3. Instagram
Instagram allows me to share pictures of Kente cloths I have woven for customers or have readily available for sale.
For personal use, I get to see what’s is seemingly going on in everyone’s life. Call it Kokonsa* we all do it.
It is also my one stop shop for whatever I want without walking into a brick and mortar shop. A phone call or WhatsApp message, a picture of what I want and a mobile money transaction is all that’s required even when I’m miles away.

4. Facebook
After Hi5, I hopped onto Facebook circa 2007. The dynamics have changed over the years but I currently use it as my source of news around the world especially in Ghana. It indirectly filters what’s ‘trending’ without me having to check any news websites eventhough I still check in with Citinewsroom and Myjoyonline weekly.
Facebook gives me a glimpse into how people think about issues and I tend to enjoy the banter between friends of friends on social issues.
I have also made a good number of virtual friends on Facebook.

5. DoubleMap
As a student in a college town of Athens- Ohio, this app is my best friend. Especially in my least favorite season…Winter. The app shows where which bus is and how long before it gets to the next stop or my stop. So instead of standing out in the cold (I strongly dislike the cold), I wait in a warm classroom until the bus is close, then I pull a Usain Bolt to the bus stop.

Oh you realized I didn’t mention any food related app right? Well, Sorry to disappoint you. 🙂

*Kokonsa – Gossip



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