#WinterABC Day 6: Why I Started Blogging

Writing for me has always been a way to communicate how I feel, what I’m thinking or what I need to do.  I’ve always been one to buy cards, write letters or notes (SSS) to people. Call it a habit. I’m super selective about greeting cards because they need to express exactly how I feel or relate to the recipient and when they do not convey any of that, I tend to buy blank cards.

My blogging days started from me writing poems which I did under the Facebook Notes feature. I was encouraged by friends to start a blog which began on Blogspot, then finally moved to WordPress.

Eventually, I started writing my opinions about events around me that I was passionate about. In recent times however, my blog has taken on a different dimension as I have shared more about my life experiences and travel tales.

Writing is therapeutic and it has been in more ways an avenue for me to vent or express my displeasure at an incidence or someone.

Thanks to the Afrobloggers Winter ABC, this is the most active I’ve ever been on my blog.

So tell me, why do you read my blog?


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  • I read your blog because I am curious. When exactly did you start your blog.?
    Don’t run away from things !! Definitely, things you run away from will bump into you or you will bump into them or they will be running to you again along the way. Tackle them and when the going is tough call for help.

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