#WinterABC Day 4: Always Room to Grow

It’s day four of the #WinterABC Challenge and today’s topic is about three things I wish I could do well. In no particular order, here we go:


When you attend any social event with music playing, there are these kind of people you will find;

Those who are quick to move to the dance floor to some smooth dance moves especially if it is the latest dance move.

Those who cannot dance but jump on the train nonetheless.

Then the final group of people, who can somewhat dance or only dance while seated – I call them armchair dancers -. Believe me, it’s a thing and I fall into that category. I can pick a few clean moves and that’s it. So Nana Yaa (Kai) and Nana Kwame (Pontiac), I will take your offer any day, for dance classes.

Maths and Figures

When I see figures, I panic. It’s one of the things I have had challenges with growing up and I refuse to blame any teacher because I have come to understand that it’s a mindset. However, I wish Mathematics was not treated as a demi-god to be feared with all the rote learning and morning ‘Mental’ some of us had to endure in primary and secondary schools. The truth is no matter how often I have tried to run away from it, I’m going to keep running into it so I’m embracing it and currently taking up a few exercises daily, with encouragement from a few friends in the past week.

Public Speaking

Put Afi, Speech and Audience in a sentence and you would be whipping up a recipe for anxiety. I’m a very shy person and would very much prefer to be behind the scenes than draw everyone’s attention to me. Forget that I am a communications person and have in a few times had to speak to people in my line of work and until recently, presenting at academic conferences. I keep replaying all the things that could go wrong prior to any public speaking engagement and often keep my points very succint so that I can vanish into thin air or wherever. I am gradually getting better at this but there is still so much room for improvement for me.

Instagram Meme

Same applies with people who call me when they could easily text me. The shyness rule doesn’t apply here but I would rather you send a message than call unless it’s a 9-1-1 situation.

There is always room to grow and in as much as I may not become the best dancer or orator, I am learning and making as much room as I can to blossom along life’s way and so should you.


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