#WinterABC Day 3: Three Things I Would Do For No Pay


I love food. Period.

I would like to be a judge on those cook shows that have chefs tasting a variety of foods. I’ll definitely be the one to not just taste but probably clear the entire plate before giving feedback. The only disadvantage for me here is my tummy has a mind of its own, so I tend to be quite picky with food. If you’re reading this and need a judge for your cook show, comment below. I won’t bill you at all.

Editing (in English)

I do not come of as an English guru, however, I find it easier to proofread articles, some papers and books written by others. I learn a lot from reading especially now that most of the reading I do is purely for academic purposes. In the past two years most of the things I have learned is from reading over classmates’ research and that has opened my mind a lot more than the novels I read. Editing is definitely something I would do for free.

Event Planning and Coordination

In as much as I already run an event planning company, putting ideas together for any event, be it corporate or social, is one of my favorite things to do. It may look all good and dandy on paper but execution is important so in comes coordination just to ensure that everything goes according to plan (often times it doesn’t).

Here’s the caveat though, event planning and coordination is no easy feat so if you already have plans of booking me for free, please readjust your budget……a girl’s gotta eat….literally. Refer to point one. 😉


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