#WinterABC Day 27: The Lessons

I’m one of the few people who won’t jump onto any challenge on social media, talk about, ice bucket, mannequin, 30 day diet or whatever challenge. When I came across this challenge, it was a “what-if ” moment for me. What if you try something for a change?

So I started eventhough I doubted that I would go through with it. What have I learned in the last 27 days?

1. If you put your mind to it, you will definitely get things done.
2. There is always someone to remind you that you can do it. I informed a friend about the challenge and why I won’t even make it through the challenge but he encouraged me and went ahead to give me ideas.
3. I’ve known a lot more about other countries in less than a month through the likes of Nakaundii Style, Ria’s Haven, and Anomaly.  
4. Everyone has a niche and you can tell through how each blogger has approached a topic.
5. I could get extremely passionate about issues as evident here.
6. Some of these topics, I would never write about if not for the challenge. I must admit here that I’ve still  succeeded in skipping a number of topics.
7. It’s not a competition. On days that I felt I couldn’t seem to write on the topic of the day, it was perfectly fine and I enjoyed other bloggers’ submissions.
8. My parents never knew I blogged/write but they have been following ever since they figured out and have been very supportive. My dad even comments on some of the posts. He’s not so old school after all.  Yay!!!
9. The more you write, the better you become.
10. There are no wrong or right ideas.


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