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#WinterABC Day 26: Five Photos and What They Mean to Me

Senya is my first and Christian name. An Ewe name meaning God knows, given to me by my Godmother. The necklace in the picture was a gift from her on my 30th birthday, so I took this picture just in case I ever part with the necklace.


I was at the lowest point in my life when this picture was taken. Nothing shows that I woke up in tears at midnight through to 3am, cooked plain rice and made kokonsa* stew then back to bed. The lady you see there is my little sister, who decided that we have a pre birthday lunch because I insisted on having a quiet birthday. Everyone needs a Maame Esi in their lives.


Credit: Emmanuel Rockson

Here is a picture of me taken by a colleague in the office. I was literally sleeping on the job but my boss didn’t complain. Why do I like this?
1. I look so peaceful
2. It reminds that it’s okay to take a break whenever you feel the need to. I tend to worry a lot about anything and this is a reminder that when life feels like it’s going too fast, I can take a break. When I’m tired, it’s okay to take a break too. Besides, God rested on the seventh day.

Mummmyyyyy!! Do I really need to explain this? She’s my rock!!


My faithful companion. Anytime I hop on a bus or plane, she comes along. If she could talk, she would tell me to slow down on my spontaneous trips. 


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