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#WinterABC Day 17: Marketing Ghana

If there was one person who I knew would do justice to this topic, it was Nana Afriyie and guess what, she delivered. I followed her journey on the Heritage Caravan a couple of years ago, so check places to visit on her blog.

I will add two festivals I believe one should not miss in Ghana. 

Chalewote Street Art Festival

Credit: Chalewotefest Festival FB

A gathering of art, music and dance enthusiasts, the Chalewote Street Art Festival produced by Accra [dot] Alt Radio, is held annually in August or September. Stretching from about Enterprise Life on High Street all the way to the lighthouse in James Town, are various forms of art represented, defying stunts and vendors selling wares. There are as many food stalls vending an assortment of local dishes. Each year, a themed Accra [dot] Alt Radio. Be sure to be on the look out for the fashionistas too.

Agbamevorza (Kente Festival)

Credit:Kente Festival, Agotime Traditional Area, Ghana

Home to one of the bigget weaving towns in Ghana, Agotime Kpetoe hosts its Kente festival known as Agbemevorza in between August and October yearly. It draws in a number of weavers who display their weaving talents through a competition and a grand durbar to climax the week long event where a variety of kente designs are displayed and put up for sale. Attendants to the festival also come clad in their beautifully designed kente outfits. 


Featured Image: Danny Black


One thought

  • Yomafi,
    This festival is not only to show case the intricate kente designs and the dexterity of the weavers during the competition. The festival showcases the culture or better put a live “documentary” of the way the people of Agortime lived at wherever they came from and continue to attempt to re-live their past but often with adulteration due to ……Afi you can continue this as you were part of one the editions of the festival. What is seen at the festival is unique and never seen at any part of Ghana. It is a package of people’s lifestyle and chronology of events of a people zip-pressed into a 6 day chain of events.
    August is the month and Afro-bloggers are invited to this unique festival of a traditional area in Ghana where you can only get the authentic quality kente and not imitated versions. Materials used is the same as anywhere but the approach leading to the final product is an art only mastered by this small traditional area. Something big may be popular but the small things people do not know make the difference.

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