#WinterABC Day 13: Blogging in Africa

This challenge has opened me up to a good number of bloggers in Africa. Most of whom write fiction, personal experiences, fashion, travel and a host of other topics.

I have seen the likes of Ameyaw Debrah (Ghana) and Linda Ikeji (Nigeria) become household names for news and celebrity gossip. 

A few bloggers which I follow in Ghana such as Keni Kodjo (who writes vows too, so for those walking down the aisle soon, get in touch), Sika Kodjo, Talkative Mum, (discusses Motherhood), Kwakyewaa, Naa Oyoo Quartey,   and Jemila Abdulai. The last three have through blogging began their own digital marketing and communication companies. Follow them if you don’t already. 

One other trend I have noticed lately among Africans is Vlogging which requires a lot more time, equipment such as a good camera and an editing software. They are doing an awesome job at selling Africa, their personal stories and just about anything. Here are a few of my favorites: Dimma Ummeh who started as That Igbo Chic focusing mainly on make up has now branched into lifestyle, Akai Kotei who is into beauty and lifestyle, Ndudu by Fafa and Aftrad who vlog about food and the famous dancing couple, Adanna and David.

Bloggers in Africa, I must admit tell the African stories in more ways than mainstream journalism.

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