#WinterABC Day 11: A Letter From Home

Honestly, I had given up on writing anything for today’s topic until Nana Afriyie gave me the push and suggestions.

So instead of one letter from home, it’s going to be a collection of messages that I have received from home.

Missing You
Hi Afi,

How are you doing. Haven’t heard from you in a while even though we spoke yesterday. I hope school is fine and you’re studying hard. When are you coming home?

Nice pic. Which of them is the one? When are we meeting him? Is that our husband? Oh I have a friend who likes you. He is a great guy. Should I put you in touch with him?

Afi, there are so many great guys out there, open up a little more. I understand that pursuing further education is a great feat but you also need to start having kids and give your parents grandchildren. They are lonely.

Afi, there is no need to rush into this thing called marriage. Pray about your future husband and children. Take it all to the Lord in prayer before you jump onto the train. Very few people will tell you the truth but like anything, marriage comes with it’s own challenges. Take your time.

Find a man before you come oo. We want to meet you both at the airport with Yom and Dom in hand too. 

Travel Buddies
When are we going to Santorini? But we haven’t even embarked on our trip to Zaina which should have been last year and we’re talking about Santo dien? Anyway, when are you coming home or when is our next trip?

Congratulations on your graduation Afi, what next? Are you coming home, will you work a while? I know how hard it is to leave a job you love after a number of years just to get back into school. I’m happy you made it and I know the future is going to be even better.

I hope you’re not thinking of coming back home. Things are very hard. I’m sure you know ECG is now PDS. They are even worse than the former. I wonder if the name change jinxed their operations. Meanwhile, nothing has changed. We still talk about our problems on morning radio every day, flood, filth and our corrupt officials.

The Foodies
Afi, I just passed by your favorite *Waakye joint. There was no queue today because I left home early just to beat those who buy food for every member of staff in their office. Meanwhile, I’ll go by the *Gob3 seller in Alajo to buy beans. She’s increased the price but you know how we both like her food especially the pepper so there’s no stopping me. I promise to take you to Heavy Do for the usual fufu and light soup when you come home next.

These are a few of the things I hear or read from everyone back home and for the most part, everyone means well and I want to use this opportunity to appreciate each and every one who falls within any of these groups for your constant support and reaching out to me in your own special ways.

*Waakye – A dish made from rice and beans

*Gob3 – Beans and gari

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