Winter ABC 2020 Commitment Pledge

In June last year, I chance upon a post on Kwakyewaa’s  Instagram post about the ABCWinter Blogging Challenge. Having been quiet for a long time,  the challenge presented the perfect time to get back into the grove. For 30 days, there was a writing prompt.

I missed a couple of days because, I either didn’t have much knowledge on the prompt, or couldn’t come up with anything to write so I took the opportunity to learn from and discovered other blogs like Nana Afriyie, (whose blog I had been reading prior to) Anomaly and Nakaundii Style.

Today’s (Well this should have been yesterday’s) prompt is to show commitment to this year’s challenge. I’m going to be honest about this and say, I am going to give it my best shot even though I see topics/prompts that I am not sure I could confidently write about. Who knows, maybe I could surprise myself.

 ABC Winter Challenge writing prompts

If you enjoy reading my blogs, let me know what things you would like to read or think I should write on and if I’m a terrible writer, I’m open to suggestions on what I can do differently.

Happy reading! 



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