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Of Eateries and Customer Service in Ghana

If there is one thing you should absolutely know about me, it is my love for food. I totally love FOOD! Over the Christmas break, I went home to Ghana and had one of the best times ever. So here is my honest review of places (food institutions) I visited during Christmas break

The Chop Bar  – Achimota Retail Mall
My friend invited me for lunch and I ordered banku and grilled tilapia with ground pepper while he ordered plain rice with goat stew. I was promised the banku would be ready in less than 10 mins and the rice a little longer. I didn’t mind the wait because I wouldn’t have to wait too long for my friend’s meal to be ready. In about 30 minutes both meals were served the rice looked appealing likewise the Tilapia. Once I touched the banku, I knew something was off. Anyone who knows the formula for banku knows that depending on the accompaniment, the consistency is either firm or soft.

Firm banku + Ground pepper = Five Stars

Soft banku + Okro soup or any other soup = Five Stars

What was presented to us was soggy; not even fit for Okro soup. It also wasn’t well-cooked meaning, they had to prepare it when the order was placed. I requested that they check if there was any in the kitchen to replace mine and waiter returned saying there was none. I proceeded to eat my tilapia without the banku. Before the waiter brought the bill, I asked that he do not bill me for the banku because I couldn’t eat it. He nodded in affirmation and returned with a bill for the banku and the tilapia.

I asked where the manager was, walked to the cash point and explained what had happened. Hell almost broke lose. Once I touched the banku, I had to pay for it. Why didn’t I ask for a replacement? I calmly explained to him that I did ask for a replacement and confirmed with the waiter. He started shouting that I could choose not to pay for the entire meal, if I chose. If not for my very generous host, I might have walked away without paying but I insisted on paying and finally ended up paying for just tilapia. 

I’m definitely not going to The Chop Bar again with such unwelcome customer service and terrible banku.

Unfortunately, I lost the pictures of the food. 🙁

Royal Senchi

On Boxing Day, my sister, Maame and I decided to go out of town so we ended up at Royal Senchi for lunch. It was a very busy day as their buffet extended to the Nsu Bar near the pool area. We took a seat and a menu was brought to us. The menu included both drinks and food so we asked for water first and then when the waiter returned a second time, we were ready to order food. Mind you it took him about 15 mins to place our order for water. He brushed us off and said we couldn’t order food but had to go across to the other side.

Upon inquiring, he mentioned that where we were seated was reserved for the day’s buffet. We asked why he brought us the food menu and he simply dismissed us saying “that’s why the drink menu is on top”. Really? We contemplated leaving but stayed because our stomach was really the boss. We paid for the water and moved to the Dua bar. Within a few minutes, one lady attended to us promptly and politely.  While waiting for our food, Maame and I enjoyed the beautiful scenery and ordered some drinks.

I ordered a plate of Caesar salad while Maame ordered a platter of fried yam, sweet potatoes and sea food (insert fish and squid)

Caesar Salad


Yam platter

Verdict? Don’t order a salad when you’re starving. The yam platter was great and filling though. Thanks for sharing your food with me, Maame.


While we’re on the subject of food, I made it a point to visit the joints I hadn’t visited in two years and some new places:

Lebene Beans inside Alajo 

Red Red

Ensalada in Asylum Down 

Chunky Twist Salad

Nukka Bites in Abelenkpe

Fufu and Aponkye Kakra (Goat / Chevon)

Marriott Hotel  – Airport


Peduase Resort – Buffet



I can say that I had a good time dining out, bonding with family and friends irrespective of the bad customer service in some of these places. Have you had any bad experience in a restaurant in Ghana? I would like to know.

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