My favorite local food(s)

WinterABC Day 3 – Of your favorite local food.

This must be a trick prompt. Why I am being asked to talk about my favorite local food? I’m a foodie. It’s almost impossible to select one and leave the others out. It’s like a parent being asked to choose their favorite child; that’s a tough call, so I’ll share my top three favorite dishes.

One day my former boss said, “Afi only likes swallows”. What this means is that I love to eat food that require mostly swallowing and less chewing. It later dawned on me that her observation was spot-on. I love foods that are easy on my jaws, unlike others who prefer ‘griw-griw’ (read crispy) foods.

Here is the list with Kenkey taking the number one spot, and the others following in no particular order.

Kenkey and Okro soup/stew.

Photo: The African Pot Nutrition

This dish is a staple of the Ga people from Southern Ghana and is made from fermented corn cooked in a cauldron pan, neatly moulded into balls using corn husks and put on fire until well cooked. It is best served with ground pepper, sliced onions, tomatoes, fish, shrimps, anchovies or sometimes fried eggs and slices of avocado, popularly known as pear in Ghana.

Photo:Eat Well Abi

Okro soup/stew is indigenous to the Ewes from Southern Ghana. As the name suggests, it is made of Okro with a variety of protein; crab, meat, chicken, fish, wele; a combination known us All Nations.

My other favorite dishes are:

Fufu and Goat light soup

Photo: Chef Lee


Brodie Ampesi (Boiled plantain and spinach stew)

Photo: Ayekoo Grill

Ghanaian salad minus the baked beans

Photo: EnsaladaGh


Photo: Nyonyo Essentials

I went past the three dishes. Well, you can’t limit a foodie. 🙂

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