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My 5 favorite job recruitment platforms

In my previous blog post, I shared my experience applying for jobs and the hoops required to put in a simple application. Having applied to over 400+ jobs in 3 years, I came up with a list of portals that were bottom 5 during the process. Today, I’m sharing the five of my favorite recruitment portals.

1. BambooHR

I may have my biases with this because that’s what a previous employer used and I found it pretty simple to navigate. I simply upload my CV, cover letter, fill out the basic information, name, address, email and phone number, sometimes a couple of questions and in less that 15 minutes, BOOM! application submitted.

2. Workable 

Similar to BambooHR, this portal doesn’t require any account creation. You upload your documents, import your CV answer any supplementary questions and submit.

Screenshot of application process on Workable

3. Lever

Lever has features similar to BambooHR and Workable and makes this list because of its ease of use.

4. LinkedIn Easy Apply

Hands down, the easiest to use because your information is already available on LinkedIn, answer a few questions or add a cover letter and you’re good to go. Even better, you can reach out to the recruiter if their profile shows up on the job details.

5. Emails

A number of jobs I applied to required that you send your CV, cover letter and portfolio/writing samples (I was applying to mostly communication roles) to a designated email. One great thing about this was how easy it was to send an application and the possibility of reaching out if you had further questions. Responses are not always guaranteed, however.

Specialized Job Sites

AngelListIntroduced to me by a friend because of my previous role in the technology industry. AngelList is your go-to for roles in startups.

Idealist and GlobalJobsNon-profit focused

HigherEdJobsAs the name suggests, you’ll find faculty and staff positions

HandshakeStudents looking for internships and full time roles can easily connect with organizations. If you’re an international student, Handshake’s filter allows you to see organizations that are open to sponsoring work visas or students with OPT (Optional Practical Training) work authorization.

There are a lot more portals that are user friendly but these come to mind if you  should wake me from sleep. 

Have you tried any of these portals and which has been your favorite? 

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