#WinterABC Day 2: My Dream Life

Beige suit, cream scarf, red hat, handbag in one arm, suitcase in another jetsetting to another city in a country that I may never have heard of. I’m sure you get the picture; being a flight attendant at Emirates. This was more about the perks of seeing places than about the difficult work involved in getting passengers safely to their destinations.

Working in a multinational, making money and again moving from one continent to another working and experiencing the diverse culture wherever. In the process, make a lot of money, live in a nice house and enjoy life’s luxuries.

Wait a  Minute!

That was me about fifteen years ago. These were the things I dreamed of when I thought about the future. However, I have a better perspective on life now than I did back then, as a young student about to enter and complete the university. Afterall, life was about to begin outside those very walls in Kumasi.

So what is my my dream life today? I’ll sum this up in three points.

To be honest, the travelling-the-world bit of my life has not changed at all. (If you’ve read about my travel adventures in the past year.) However, in my dream life, these travels will not solely be for the purpose of recreation but for the opportunity to make an impact no matter how small; leading someone to Christ, assisting a community with any project that will improve their livelihood and mostly reflecting on life and the plans God has for me.


Tying into the previous point, I still see myself in a career that harnesses the potential of communication to promote behavior change for social change in whatever capacity.

Finally, I dream of a lifelong partner, responsible children (Insert Yom and Dom), positive relationships especially with my girlfriends and in any business venture.

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