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Bloggers in Ghana I follow

As an avid reader, I have taken a liking to reading blogs whenever I can. In this age of internet penetration, there are so many things to keep up with and as much as I try to, I prefer to read blogs (aside novels). Below are a list of a few Ghanaian bloggers I follow:

Naa Oyoo Quartey

I’m yet to find a topic Naa Oyoo hasn’t written about. What I love about this blog is the all-round nature and ability to relate to and learn from the topics. Naa talks about food (wink wink), beauty, lifestyle and anything you can think about. Her use of imagery makes reading more fun.

This Literary Life.

A story teller and a book critique, Efua has her own way of drawing you to her blog posts and a captivating way to make you want to read and watch the books and movies she’s critiqued.

The Talkative Mom

Eno started this blog to discuss her journey through motherhood and parenting. I started following the blog out of curiosity and my love for babies. The blog also serves as open space to describe challenges Ghanaian women go through. For a very long time, many issues concerning pregnancy, childbirth, motherhood and parenting have not been openly discussed. The Talkative Mom was the first Ghanaian blog I came across that addresses topics, you may not know about unless you fall into this specific group or circle of people.

Giovanni’s World

Giovanni is a young boy with special needs. Through this blog, his mum has raised awareness about a child with special needs by letting us into their daily lives. Until then, most of what I knew about people with special needs were news items, or didn’t relate to the African or Ghanaian context, and by this, I mean resources available to address some of the challenges families like Giovanni face.

Vanessa Morgan

Started about a year ago, Vanessa uses her blog to raise awareness about Sickle cell anemia. She shares her experiences growing up, being away from home and how this affects the people around her. On that note, do you know your genotype and blood group?


Nana is also an all round writer. I started following her blog after she shared a testimony of how she was delivered from a motor accident and ever since, we’ve been like blogging buddies and keep each other on our toes especially when life gets too busy.

These are just few of the bloggers I follow who might interest you. If there’s any blog you believe I should be following, please include the link in the comments. Like Oliver Twist, I always want more.




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