#WinterABC Day 1: Afrobloggers’ Winter Blogging Challenge

Hi there, it’s been about five months since I actually wrote something, eventhough I have been writing (in my head of course).

I am breaking the silence because I have reason to write about something everyday for the next 30 days. Yipee!!!

A few days ago, I came across KY’s instagram post on the Winter Challenge #WinterABC being organized by Afrobloggers to encourage writers to do what they are supposed to be good at; writing.

Having revamped this blog a little over six months ago, I have done a woeful job at updating it monthly, which was my goal. So I am committed to this challenge and looking forward to meeting as many of these goals as I can and hopefully, if you’re in a rut, this challenge will spur you on to more exciting things.

If you’re inspired to write, comment with the name of your blog below as we keep each other accountable.

Winter Blog1

Winter Blog 2


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